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Focused on nutrition, sleep, stress tolerance, a healthy mindset, fitness, and fun.

Have you ever felt like you have tried everything and yet you still can’t seem to get that health, fitness, wellness – and really happiness – you want?

Have you ever thought about how you help everyone else before yourself and know your health, wellness and fitness takes a backseat to everyone else’s needs?

Do you worry or “stress out” a lot about how you feel, look or are unhappy with the image you perceive in the mirror?

If any – or both – apply to you, welcome to Alexandria Wellness. We built our program just for you.
Welcome to building your confidence and up-leveling your wellness and living that life you want.
Alexandria Wellness Services - Concierge Wellness

Concierge Wellness

A 360⁰ approach to your wellness including fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, lifestyle habits and more.
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Alexandria Wellness Services - Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Insightful conversation and instruction that will transform lives and set your workflow up for success.
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Alexandria Wellness Services - Fitness + Foundations

Fitness + Foundations

A program for individuals who are ready to make the move from ‘working out’ to understanding what works!
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Are you ready?

Truly transform your health, fitness and how you feel about your body

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success stories

"I never thought I'd get this strong - or want to get this fit. Adrien motivates me to continue my pursuit of strength and wellness"

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"Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom for wellness. You keep me evolving through our daily practice."
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