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The most comprehensive wellness program in the region, featuring Concierge Wellness and Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton.

We help you and your organization find holistic wellness through strategies addressing FOOD, SLEEP, STRESS TOLERANCE, AGING, CALENDAR MANAGEMENT, A GROWTH MINDSET, FITNESS, AND FUN.

We are students of habit change. We know you too can achieve your desired wellness—one small habit at a time!

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Do you feel like you have tried everything and you still can’t get that health, fitness, wellness—and happiness—you longed for?

Have you considered inspiring your colleagues and teams at work to engage in a FUN and engaging wellness program that has seen tremendous success?

If either—or both—apply to you, welcome to Alexandria Wellness! We built our programs just for you.

Welcome to building your and your team’s confidence and up-leveling your wellness!

A 360 Approach To Your Wellness

We focus on food, sleep, stress tolerance, menopause, calendar, a healthy mindset, fitness and more.

A Unique Program

We are unlike any other program. We take a holistic approach to your fitness and wellness and memberships are limited.

Transforming Lives

Our corporate workshops transform lives and set your workflow up for success with insightful conversations.

Small Changes = Big Results

We are not your 30-day challenge, cleanse or quick fix. We are a program dedicated to pacing your progress so you can reach your goals.

Adrien at whiteboard

Corporate Wellness

Insightful conversation and instruction that will transform lives and set your workflow up for success.

Adrien consultation with client

Concierge Wellness

A 360⁰ approach to your wellness including fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress, lifestyle habits and more.

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success stories

"I never thought I'd get this strong - or want to get this fit. Adrien motivates me to continue my pursuit of strength and wellness"


"Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom for wellness. You keep me evolving through our daily practice."


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