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My Journey to Wellness: One Healthy Habit at a Time – by Holly Lass

My Journey to Wellness: One Healthy Habit at a Time – by Holly Lass

This article is written by one of my amazing Concierge clients, Holly Lass. She came to me when she felt like she had tried everything, and really needed the extra accountability and support. It’s been an honor

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Have you ever felt like you have tried everything and yet you still can’t seem to get that health, fitness, wellness – and really happiness – you want?

Have you ever thought about how you help everyone else before yourself and know your health, wellness and fitness takes a backseat to everyone else’s needs?

Do you worry or “stress out” a lot about how you feel, look or are unhappy with the image you perceive in the mirror?

If any – or both – apply to you, welcome to Alexandria Wellness. We built our program just for you.
Welcome to building your confidence and up-leveling your wellness and living that life you want.

Are you ready?

Truly transform your health, fitness and how you feel about your body

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"I never thought I'd get this strong - or want to get this fit. Adrien motivates me to continue my pursuit of strength and wellness"

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Alexandria Wellness is currently hosting virtual small group and private sessions as well as closely monitored and controlled in person sessions following government regulations.

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