25 Ways to Gain and Keep Stress Resilience

These are stressful times. Let’s be honest – we live in a stressful town. Stress is everywhere. One in six Americans takes an anti-anxiety drug. In fact, anti-anxiety medications rose by a whopping 34 percent since March – and the number is greater among women than men.

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So, how can you start to combat the dangerous effects of stress on your heart, brain, waistline, and your life? Start slowly. Add new strategies and habits over time, not all at once. And…

Choose new strategies wisely.

Make sure they are…

  • simple,
  • easy,
  • repeatable,
  • important to you, and
  • small.

New habits need all four. Don’t make the 60-Day Challenge or Crash Diet or Cleanse mistake again. Make small changes for huge results.

I had a super-duper stressful life. And this was just a few years ago. I wasn’t sleeping. I was extra edgy. I let the little things get to me. I was a mess.

After I realized my stress was 100 percent created by me, I decided to do something about it. Once I began to understand I was a “victim” of my very own choices, how did I have the right to point fingers at anyone but me, myself, and I?

We create our own stress through our actions and thoughts. We make choices about how we will approach our every day. We are in control of our thoughts and over time, you too can overcome worry. It takes a conscious stress resilience practice, yet I know you can. I did!

Top 25 Ways You Can Begin Your Journey to Attack Your Stress




  1. Live authentically
  2. Get comfortable in the uncomfortable
  3. Make sleep your most important appointment of the day
  4. Walk daily
  5. Smile excessively
  6. Exercise daily
  7. Live with an abundant mentality
  8. Eat for stress tolerance
  9. Practice conscious breathing
  10. Give compliments to others
  11. Give up social media
  12. Reduce your alcohol intake
  13. Practice gratitude
  14. Learn to love silence
  15. Avoid the news
  16. Reduce blue light
  17. Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive people
  18. Give up gossip
  19. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  20. Realize you create your stress
  21. Listen empathically
  22. Take in all five senses
  23. Get on the floor
  24. Get your sleep
  25. Practice gratitude




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