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Group wellness at Alexandria Wellness

When I started Alexandria Wellness in 2018, I knew it was a reach. I knew it would be difficult for people to understand that there is so much more to their wellness, and to feeling better, than diet and exercise. I wanted to share that it doesn’t have to be that difficult to get the wellness we have longed for throughout our adult lives.

Group wellness at Alexandria Wellness

I started the company with a philosophy I had cultivated during my 16 years in fitness – one-on-one coaching was the key to clients achieving success. However, in my 20th year in the business, I’m now convinced support systems, Community, and sharing with others creates an even stronger foundation for a successful wellness program.

Michaela half kneeling press

With that stable foundation in mind, last fall, I created a Concierge Small Group Program, selecting members from our own AW community. It is a hybrid program with half of our time (30 minutes) devoted to fitness and the other half (30 minutes) focused on wellness topics, strategies, and accountability. Just like our one-on-one concierge program, I met with each prospective member to ensure they were the right fit and that their wellness would be a TOP priority for them.

Betsy ball slam

“Simply said, I love my Small Concierge Group. Mondays can be hectic, but I always make this a priority, regardless of work, because this group inspires me, keeps me grounded, and the workout sets the tone for the week. I am stronger physically and mentally because of ‘doing the work’ with this group of dynamic women, led by our motivating and talented leader Adrien.”

– Betsy Hannah

Each of these members had experienced varying wellness journeys, professions, and lifestyles, yet they all were prepared to embrace a holistic approach to their wellness. Four were members of my one-on-one Concierge Wellness Program, understood the underlying concierge system, and were prepared to explore wellness in a collaborative setting.

Each agreed to embrace the following guideposts to realize their individual and shared goals and are the same reasons why it may be the time for you to jump on in.

  1. Wellness is more than diet and fitness. They have already tried those! At the same time, they still wanted to “up their fitness game” and get stronger than ever before. Admittedly they worked with me throughout the deep Pandemic, and their strength showed massive gains.
  2. Sleep, stress resilience, work/life balance, diet, and other wellness strategies are far-from-mastery for them. Yet, they committed to trusting in the process, to celebrate incremental change, to commit to practicing small habit change, and most-of-all celebrate even the tiniest of their concierge group members’ successes.
  3. A growth mindset is essential. We all have stories about how we will “get there.” For most, it just hasn’t worked out how we’d wished. As they entered this group program, these members understood that their mindset, developed over decades, has lasting effects on their wellness.

Holly hinged row

“When I started at Alexandria Wellness, I thought Community was the least important part of my wellness program. Concierge Small Group has taught me that Community is actually the most important ingredient to sustained wellness success. Sharing successes, challenges, ideas, and accountability with a group of like-minded women is one of the most rewarding parts of my wellness journey.”

– Michaela Robinson

Every Monday, this group of AW women meet for one hour to learn, to share, and to take deeper and more profound steps toward their wellness. For the first 30 minutes, they learn about an area of the Wellness Wheel, share reflections, and commit to reframing and habit change within that area. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the stories that inform our habits and expectations for ourselves while surrounded by a cohort of receptive and encouraging peers. Supporting activities can include delving into Brene Brown’s “The Gifts of Imperfection,” mapping out our wellness over the decades, understanding why sleep is so vital to wellness, and of course, learning to thrive during menopause!

“Alexandria Wellness Concierge Program is a one-of-a-kind program that encompasses education, enrichment, exercise, and so much more. I began this journey seeking a number on a scale; what I gained was knowledge and strength. The wellness habits that I practice every day define me, and the number on my scale is a mere side effect of living my best life.”

– Holly Lass

Tracy get up bridge


It’s sometimes a challenge to wrap up our wellness sessions because the exchange of ideas and reflections on wellness are thought-provoking and invigorating. Yet during the final 30 minutes, we dive into focused fitness training. Each individual’s fitness goals are incorporated into my programming. I treat this time like a one-on-one session where they receive individualized training and an abundance of attention to detail. The supportive community atmosphere continues as they encourage each other to excel physically and emotionally, to overcome discomfort with new movements, and to gain confidence in their strength and ability.

2022 Wellness Wheel


These six women have transformed their wellness and are finding new pathways that work for them. They are reaching monumental wellness goals. Some examples are:

  • Getting less frustrated with children, colleagues, and partners
  • Making time for five-minute wellness during their workday
  • Breathing through difficult conversations
  • Doing a real pull up
  • Eating for fuel instead of stress eating
  • Getting better sleep
  • Much, much, more…

What differentiates our concierge wellness program from other wellness programs?

  1. We measure successes and not a number on the scale.
  2. We work to leave behind old habits that aren’t working for us and replace them with new achievable habits that complement our wellness.
  3. We tackle the “deep” stuff. What is holding us back from making the change we crave? Why are we defeating ourselves?
  4. We take strength very seriously, which helps us take better care of our emotional health and physical well-being.

If you are ready to transform your wellness like these strong women, I’d love to tell you more about my unique Concierge Small Group program. We currently have three spots available in a Wednesday 6am group and five spots available in a lunchtime group on Wednesday or Friday (dates TBD). Reach out to us at contact@alexandriawellness.com, and we will schedule a free 30-minute consult to see if concierge is right for you!

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