3 Strategies For Better Sleep

Adrien Cotton ales in a bed with white sheets- sleeping on her side

There are countless fads, pills and quick-fixes when it comes to achieving quality, uninterrupted sleep. Most women probably need more than a miracle aromatherapy pillow spritz if they want truly restful sleep – despite what marketers want you to think.

With my over 20 years of research, education, and dedication to women’s wellness, I have found out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sleep.

While I have numerous proven strategies for better quality sleep, (Purchase my MASTER Menopause NOW! Mastering Sleep Course HERE), I have a few tips to share that can make drifting into dreamland that much easier.

1. Put that phone/iPad down! (well, at least an hour before bed).

I get it, many of us don’t have any downtime to watch TV, scroll through our news feeds or catch up on emails until later in the day. And, while scrolling through social media might be part of your usual bedtime routine (it is for MANY people), let me explain why it could be your sleep kryptonite.

Smart Phone Charging with usb Cable on a White nightstand with a soft light next to it

The blue light from screens reduces melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone! This light confuses our biological clock, making our brain think that our screens are daylight. So, our sleep suffers. In addition, our brain takes us to whatever the content is on the screen, filling it with stories, some of which may be unsettling. We must ensure our brain knows it’s nighttime by limiting our screen exposure at least one an hour before heading to bed.

2. Invest in a “sleep uniform.”

Just like a well-trained athlete invests in the best quality gear, as a “life athlete” we need the best, too. When it comes to sleep, this “uniform” should consist of sheets that feel good and don’t keep in the heat, comfortable – and cool – pajamas, and pillows that remind us of a luxurious hotel.

Adrien Cotton ales in a bed with white sheets- sleeping on her side

When we are comfortable due to our sleep uniform, we will be more enticed to stick to a thoughtful sleep routine, instead of running a mad dash to our bedroom after completing the last minute items on our to-do lists.

And speaking of our to-do lists…

3. Simplify our calendars.

We’ve all been there – a packed calendar, not enough time to complete our daily tasks, pushing back bedtime and working past your bedtime routine time can send the wrong message to the brain.

Perhaps daily stressors can’t be controlled. However, how we manage our time can be. When we build an unreasonable “to do” list, we run the risk of truly never completing it. We also tend to fill others’ needs before ours.

Napkin with the words slow down, relax, de-stress next to a pen and an apple

As a reminder, we don’t need to add unnecessary stress to our lives by trying to incorporate these 3 tips all at once! We can start with one, and as we see results and feel more comfortable, take on another. Sleep mastery is a marathon – not a sprint.

Join my successful clients who’ve begun to master sleep. Consider investing now in your wellness with the foundation of quality sleep. Learn how in my Master Menopause NOW Mastering Sleep Course. I teach the proven science and strategies behind changing your daily habits and transforming your relationship with wellness, your menopause journey and your body.

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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