3 Ways Holly And Jennifer Upgraded Their Wellness

Group support at Alexandria Wellness

How can a chronic level of stress really prevent us from getting strong, from choosing “fueling” food, and achieving that level of confidence we desire with our bodies? Read below, and it might start to make sense.

When I started Alexandria Wellness, I knew it would be a challenge to help people understand that stress management and sleep are at the core of their health, wellness, fitness, weight, menopause struggles, and, ultimately, how they perceive themselves. Stress resilience and healthy sleep are the foundation of their wellness. Additionally, their mindset and commitment to small habit change play a key role in their wellness success.

Group support at Alexandria Wellness

I figured it would be best to hear directly from women in our concierge small group program how they have changed and, even more significant, how their mindsets have shifted. I want you to hear from them how they’ve come to feel more at ease with their health, wellness, and fitness because they have begun to see a bigger picture.

The approach they’ve adopted is based on science. Yet nobody is talking about it. Alexandria Wellness members want you to know you can feel great.

Are they perfect? Do they stick to their plans 24/7? Do I? No. Yet, through the work in our program, we all share in this journey to find our wellness nirvana through our concierge group support system. I guess community and support are really all it’s cracked up to be!

As you will see, their “default” is still to cut calories, deprive themselves, and to over-cardio. Why not? If you are over 45, you know we’ve been fed that message for decades. It’s tough to change our approach when we’ve listened to the same message for so long.

Science teaches us the brain is better equipped for SMALL change and not a radical approach – really to anything. Yet, for our wellness, the science supports this approach, and the diet and fitness industries know it.

Each of these women has shifted their mindset and believes that wellness is attainable, it can be simple, and it doesn’t need to be a chore. They have shifted their mindset away from focusing solely on diet and exercise. They recognize that awareness is half the battle. While they aim to fuel themselves with nourishing foods and they aim to move every day, they also make stress resilience and sleep top priorities.

And, best of all, each one of our concierge small group members agrees with Jennifer:

“I am on my journey. I am human and realizing that “you have your story,” and I have mine. This helps me to strive to be my best self and have grace to resist the urge to judge those around me.”


Our community is a living, breathing example of how small change can shift the way you approach your fitness and wellness.

As their coach, I see their success has come from three actions:

  1. They participate consistently. They don’t want to miss out or let each other down. Even if they are traveling or have a board meeting, they rarely miss the wellness session. When they do miss our sessions, we record them so they can catch up with the group and fully engage the following week.
  2. They have opened their minds to a new and fresh way to approach their health – they have developed a growth mindset.
  3. They embrace strength as a lifestyle. They love our training sessions, yet they walk taller, consciously breathe regularly, and view themselves as athletes on a campaign for strength for life.

“When I am super stressed, I remember you’ve taught us that high levels of stress are as bad as eating a huge, hot fudge sundae. In fact, it’s worse. (And I actually like a few bites of a hot fudge sundae from time to time!).

That’s what resonates with me. Because we are trained to think that food impacts everything about our body. I am reprogramming my body and mind to understand that there’s a lot involved besides food. I am a work in progress and the concierge wellness program has opened my eyes to the benefits of wellness in my day-to-day life.”

– Jennifer P.

Jennifer P at Alexandria Wellness

Holly has taught us that she is also still on her journey.

“Yes, I am so empowered by all that I have learned about wellness. It’s so much more than nutrition and exercise. Now, when I get off track – just as we all do, from time to time – I can point to which part of the wellness wheel I have let slide, and where I need to create better habits.

The wellness wheel includes diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, menopause, and mastering your calendar. I feel like I have mastered daily movement and healthy eating habits, but managing my stress and sleep are still so difficult for me.

When I am down, instead of giving up, I now know how important it is to be kind to myself and to give myself grace. Wellness is a journey that I will be practicing every day of my life.”


Holly on stress and sleep and the journey to accept this as the new way to approach wellness:

“For me, it’s been remarkable to realize that managing stress and getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep is more important than diet and exercise. Before I joined AW, I never would have believed that, but it’s true. I don’t feel my best when I am not taking time to breathe or making an effort to slow down. I especially feel bad when I don’t get at least 7.5 hours of sleep – even when I am exercising and eating right. Stress and sleep are my new top priorities and I struggle every day, but I will get there!”

– Holly

Change is what it takes to reach the level of health and wellness we crave. Change is hard. Our brain wants to stick to the same habits because it’s wired to hit “repeat” and to save energy. Just like we want to believe at 45+, it is another diet and exercise program and I’ll fit into my jeans, our brain fights us. Yet, change is what Alexandria Wellness Small Group Concierge members have experienced through small habit change resulting in a deeper wellness they’d never imagined.

Change has come in the form of, yes, weight loss and even “better arms.” Change has come from remaining injury free for three years. Change has come from less snapping at others at home or at a gate agent at the airport. Change has come through how each of them approaches their everyday habits.

While half of our program is centered around wellness, the other half is devoted to fitness, or more specifically, functional strength training. We focus on building muscle, preventing injury, improving balance, and countering the stress our bodies endure due to everyday things like prolonged sitting and poor posture. We use simple tools: bands, kettlebells, and our own body weight so that group members can practice these movements outside of the gym as well (many have their own equipment at home). And yes, how to breathe during and outside of exercise is even part of the program!

The fitness portion of our sessions is NOT about doing as much high-intensity cardio as possible. We prioritize strength and strive for good form, proper muscle engagement, and moving through the full range of motion – how our bodies were designed. Trust me: you will get your sweat on! We design each concierge session with each member’s fitness goals in mind. It’s like an individual personal training session yet with a group of like-minded women seeking the holistic wellness!

Two people at Alexandria Wellness doing a handstand

Throughout this program, I’ve seen women make incredible changes that they never imagined were possible. So, if you are “struckling” (combo of struggling and stuck) in your wellness, consider joining our Concierge Small Group Program!

We have one opening left in our Wednesday 6am group and three openings left in our Friday lunchtime group. If you are interested in joining our new concierge small group, where you’ll have a built-in community of others seeking holistic wellness, email us at contact@alexandriawellness.com.

We want to help you (and your team!) take charge of your health and wellness. Get started today.

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