4 Reasons Money Cannot Buy The Body You Want

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We have all tried to buy a better body.

Even in this day and age, many of us still believe material things will make us happier. I can be just as guilty as anyone. The trappings, the things that make us “feel” good – briefly, we can accomplish and can even “numb” our stress. From cars to clothes to vacations, it can be so easy to fall prey to the belief these items or experiences will make us “happy.”

One of the tenets of our program at Alexandria Wellness is that to achieve a holistic wellness practice, a growth or abundant mindset can be the difference between progress and well…the same old roller coaster ride of calorie counting and chronic cardio. Let’s face it; our bodies are different at 45+. Why wouldn’t our approach to our wellness be different?

“Wealth is a tool that gives you choices, but it can’t compensate for a life not fully lived.”


It used to be – in our 20s and 30s – we could throw money at the problem, and we could “fix” our bodies – and frankly, how we felt about ourselves. Maybe it was a new diet program or cleanse, or we’d shrink calories to the bare minimum, a fancy new “star-studded” cleanse or a new personal trainer, and then we “fixed” the problem. We then squeezed into jeans, felt “less embarrassed” in our bathing suits, and walked with more confidence. Of course, we saw a different read-out on the scale. (It was two, three, or maybe even four pounds, and you wanted to throw a party. Think of it: two to four pounds is the difference between getting your sleep or not or simply your level of hydration. Yet so many of us convinced ourselves that two to four pounds was like winning the jackpot!)

While money allows us to buy foods that serve our bodies or gives us access to professional help, there are many wellness strategies we can implement into our daily lives that cost nothing: sleep, daily movement, meditation, and self-care activities like calling a family member or friend, taking a bath, journaling, etc.

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While you do need to invest in your wellness, like you would any high priority, like tutoring for your child or the best medical care for your parents, there are a myriad of ways you can achieve holistic wellness without spending a fortune.

Here are my top four of the many reasons money cannot buy us the body we desire.

  1. Wealthy and successful people struggle just like the rest of us. If money could buy the body we want, then every successful/wealthy person would have the “perfect” body, right? One of the wealthiest and most successful women in the world was asked to provide a specific thing in her life that still feels vulnerable, and she answered, “Weight. Not having conquered the whole weight struggle, figuring out what to eat next.” I’ll give you the answer of WHO it is, yet it may shock you that someone with that kind of wealth and notoriety still struggles with weight and food issues. Wealth doesn’t fix your weight issues.

    Oprah has chefs, a personal trainer, and access to the best minds in the business about how to maintain a healthy weight. Yet SHE STILL STRUGGLES.

  2. We are prioritizing the wrong things. Spending money on what we really want for our bodies can be the result of a scarcity mindset. Shifting our mindset and approaching wellness holistically will result in greater long-term success (health!) than aimlessly throwing money at diet programs and sweaty cardio sessions for possibly short-term results.
  3. Daily habits, not money, will help you get the body you desire. Most of the time-tested strategies, like consuming adequate protein, daily walks, getting your sleep, and practicing deliberate breathing, can all be completed without excess money. In fact, I firmly believe the majority of our self-care should be FREE.
  4. We are too focused on how we look. Now that we are “halfway,” instead, consider focusing on what matters: our health, our wellness, and treating our body with the respect and care it deserves. Our body is worth more than money. It is everything. It is the vessel through which we can live our incredible lives, celebrate family and friends, give back to the world what we have, and so much more. So, throwing money to get what you want – so it can look better – can be a futile effort.
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Are you 45 years or older and suffering with perimenopause or menopause? Are you struggling with weight gain, stress, lack of sleep, and wish for renewed confidence in your body? You can get control of your life and body! Download my FREE Menopause Blueprint and start on your path from surviving to thriving today!

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