4 Ways You Can Master Your Calendar for Near-perfect Wellness

How in the world could your calendar have anything do with your fitness and wellness? Well, pretty easily. Without boundaries, we can often be led down a path of too many “yes’s,” rudderless in our day, lack of time for essentials like meal planning, sleep and fitness, and frankly just frustrated everyone else’s needs have been tended to except yours.

How can you gain control of your health, wellness, and fitness? Master your calendar.



After all, how you spend your waking hours is an indication of your values and priorities. Time is our greatest asset.

Look no further than what dozens of our clients have done. How?

  •  They develop their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual calendar around their core values
  •  They say “yes” only to the essential
  •  They organize their email and the amount of time they spend on it
  •  They check the calendar the night before to ensure their priorities are in line with the time they have the following day



You must become the “Aggressive NO-prah” of your life. Oprah probably says NO more than any other person on the planet. Does that make her a bad person? Of course not. It actually makes her a better, more impactful person. Oprah aggressively says no to things that don’t matter, and to the actions that someone else can do, so that Oprah only does what only Oprah can do. – Craig Ballantyne

What have they overcome? The busy and overbooked schedule that previously led them to:



  •  Poor nutrition habits
  •  “I don’t have time to meal plan, so I eat on the go and grab what is convenient.”
  •  Lack of sleep
    •  “I will never be able to get seven hours of sleep per night and still get everything done.”
  •  Lack of physical movement
    •  “I don’t have time in my busy schedule to workout.”
  •  Lack of self-care
    •  “I don’t have time in my busy schedule for myself because I’m taking care of everyone else.”
  •  Increased and chronic stress
    • “I’m overwhelmed.”

Alexandria Wellness concierge clients are making huge progress, largely due to this one strategy: they’ve mastered their calendars.



If you’re striving to improve your health and fitness and are now convinced your calendar is the problem, look no further. Email me at adrien@alexandriawellness.com, book a consult with me here, or be on the lookout for my virtual concierge program coming soon in July featuring a course in Calendar Mastery for Wellness.

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