You may remember, I wrote a piece in November about “5 ways to burn fat”.  We heard from so many of you, that we thought it is a great topic to continue to help you find ways in your daily life to LIVE healthily without too much fuss.

Our first post suggested these 5 ways to burn fat:

1) Drink more water

2) Move better

3) Move more

4) Eat more healthy fat

5) Get restorative sleep

You may have noticed these are all “active” activities. What they are NOT is a list of things you need to STOP or CUT. We are barraged by the popular fitness media about all of the things we do WRONG and that we need to change. I prefer to give our clients proactive and positive steps instead of guilt-ridden ideas and activities you need to cut. Why? They work.  If given an opportunity to “do” something to help you be healthy instead of “stop” something, I venture to guess you will do it – at least “try” it.

So, here are my next 5 ways to burn fat

1) Build muscle

I could go on forever about this one, but I won’t. Suffice it to say muscle is hard to come by. But, when you have it – you want to keep it.

Muscle burns fat. It burns fat not only during the activity or exercise, but even more important, it burns fat long after the activity has ended. The key to a healthy weight and body composition is getting your body into a state where you’re burning more of it than you’re storing. Resistance training “fires the muscle producing/fat burning machine” that your body really is.

2) Interval Training

Did you know it can take as little as 11 minutes to burn 500 calories with interval training? This is for a person weighing between 140-160 pounds. Interval training involves doing an exercise activity (running, Kettlebell swings, jumps, walking uphill) as fast as or as steep as for a stated period of time followed by rest for another period – and then repeated.

This is one of the many reasons I love outdoor sprints over running steady state. You can burn so much more through interval splits in half the time.

Balanced diet, healthy food concept on a board. Top view

3) Eschew those trash calories (processed food) and eat nature’s gifts: vegetables, fruits, grass-fed meats, beans, and plain H2O in relative proportions. If it comes out of a box, is microwave-ready, or processed otherwise, it’s a no go.

Really food – or food that grows “that way” is much more energy efficient, sends a healthy signal to your body to use it and not waste it, and helps with a myriad of conditions: dry skin, tummy issues, headaches, anxiety, you name it. Eating real food is key to burning fat.

4) Walk the stairs

Wherever you go, choose the stairs. It may be only one flight up the stairs at Safeway or Giant instead of opting for the elevator. Also, a pet peeve of mine: use your WHOLE FOOT as you step, not just the balls of your feet and toes. It will trigger your body to use those muscles we so desperately need to build – your back, your bottom, and the backs of your legs.

Challenge: skip a step!

Challenge 2: skip two with one hand on the handrail using your legs for strength not your arms.

Challenge 3: keep your torso completely upright instead of leaning forward upon each stride.

5) Fidget

While it may drive your friends and colleagues crazy, it has been proven fidgeters are thinner than non-fidgeters – and live longer. Who knew, right?

“Those of us who are more fidgety seem to have better long term health outcomes,” said Janet Cade, professor of nutritional epidemiology at the University of Leeds. Cade adds that the goal isn’t to fidget necessarily; the goal is to move more. If fidgeting helps you move, sit less or take intermittent breaks during your workday, then go for it!

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