7 Key Habits Fit People Swear By

We are what we do - Aristotle quote on a slate blackboard on a wooden table next to an apple

Think about it – how many people would you define as “fit” in your inner-circle? If you can think of someone, or even a few people, think about what makes them fit. Their routines probably differ from the average person’s, since they are striving for a certain kind of excellence in the way their mind and body function – despite their busy calendar and lifestyle.

As for me, I’m happy to know very fit people who continue to inspire me. This is not only a result of the profession and vocation I’ve chosen, but because I seek excellence in my own health, wellness, and fitness. I tend to spend time with others who value it as much as I do! It’s important to remember, as Jim Rohn says, “we are all the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time.”

Now, when I say “fit,” I really mean “well.” They have a clear sense of the wellness they want to achieve, and are on their own personal journey for excellence with a daily focus on it. Yes, their fitness is top-notch. What I admire most about all of them is their overall approach to their health and wellness, as you’ll see below.

Adrien Cotton of Alexandria Wellness does a deep lunge rotation.

Let me introduce you to the values they embody that help them stand apart from the rest, while sharing a bit more about their lifestyles. They are all real people with busy lives, who claim holistic wellness as a top priority – and it shows.

1. They choose wellness as a top priority.

I believe this is the most important factor for an individual’s chances for success. Wellness must be a top priority. It will get you out of bed to exercise and lead you to say “no” to the “non-essentials.” Your physical body will show it.

Wellness is a choice.

I’ve seen over 2,500 individuals who want so badly to have “that body,” and really, “that confident feeling.” Yet, the greatest attribute of those who have it is their ability to make choices. They all manage to have control over their calendar, their choices are deliberate, and they tend to their self-care.

In our society of “Type A’s” (of which I am a card-carrying member), work and one’s identity can quickly attach to our jobs, our job title, our proximity to those in “power,” status, and trappings. So often, without intention, these “belongings” take a higher precedent over self-care.

Many of my friends who fall into this “super well” category are entrepreneurs and executives.  They also range in age from 47 to 75. They recognize that aging brings the wisdom to slow down and the desire to focus on what matters – wellness.

Graphic that says "prioritize your wellbeing" with lightbulb illustration

2. They tend to their emotional health as much as their physical health. They recognize they are one and the same.

The science behind the mind-body connection for ultimate health is well-documented. Our brains hold the keys to our overall health. Our brains are the first to be impacted by unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, and actions that create a (physical) chain reaction inside our bodies.

I have a friend who has been a maverick about his battle with mental illness. He recognizes his duty to himself is to aim for excellence physically, to maintain his health for his mind and body. He is retired from the military and in better shape now in his 50s than at the height of his military career.

And how is he one of the strongest people I know – physically? He prioritizes his mental health first, then focuses on diet and exercise.

3. They have unbreakable habits.

We are a result of the thousands of tiny habits we practice every day. For example, one of my buddies works on his shoulders every day for mobility. He says it takes him about four minutes. While it may seem minor, this practice has proven to serve as a keystone habit, or one that has the power to start a chain reaction for other habits. They can influence how people work, eat, play, live, spend, and communicate. Keystone habits start a process that, over time, is transformative.

He has a history of shoulder challenges, so he made it a habit to keep them strong and mobile through this practice. Shoulders are very complicated joints. When injured, they impact the entire chain of joints in our bodies. As athletes, maintaining shoulder health is about as important as hydration.

My friend trains most days of the week, yet he maintains his overall wellness by focusing on the strength and mobility of his shoulders – daily.

Those who prioritize wellness “show up” no matter the circumstances. When life gets busy or challenging, they aren’t thrown off of their course, because their wellness habits are a part of their lifestyle – not just something they do on “sunny days.”

We are what we do - Aristotle quote on a slate blackboard on a wooden table next to an apple

4. They study the science, yet more importantly, they listen to their bodies for feedback.

I, too, can get super caught up in the science of food, exercise, emotional health, etc. I have access to some of the best research out there. Yet, like my friends, I choose to watch how different choices impact me and my clients first. These are real-world examples of victories, plateaus, and the rest.

I also recognize a lot is going on behind the science, and sometimes, the science was meant to create a particular outcome.

One friend and I laugh at all the “scientific” studies in the wellness arena. Yet, we know we conduct them every day with our clients and ourselves!

5. They get their sleep.

This is probably the most common link between all my friends who are super fit. They prioritize sleep just as much as their workouts.

Another friend of mine takes her sleep as seriously as she does her challenging workouts and pristine diet. If it’s past 10 PM, you know where she is? She’s asleep. She has two kids, a traveling husband, and her own thriving fitness business. She figured out how to take control of her wellness (physical and emotional) and how to make her sleep – where she is reaping all the benefits of her killer workouts – be the top focus on her list.

6. They take the time to reflect on “what didn’t go right,” instead of forging ahead into the latest cleanse, diet, exercise fad, or gadget.

Most of my super-fit friends use self-reflection and introspection to identify optimal sleep, exercise, performance, connectedness, and nutrition patterns, so they can be productivity machines. They are always “testing” to see what works. They view what others think of mistakes as “experiments,” not only with their training, but with every aspect of their lives.

One buddy takes his rest and recovery as seriously as he does his training.

7. They recognize that they are on a journey.

Most of my friends who fall in this “super fit” category admit that they are on a different path than they were five years ago, and a different path that they will be on in five years. Life’s circumstances change, as does our approach to our wellness. Keeping their eyes wide open allows them to reach this optimal health.

These “super-fit wellness wonders” did not get there overnight. It took time, dedication, accountability, and intention. As we step into the new year, it is a great time to consider where we can make small, positive, andsustainable changes in our lives to achieve greater health and wellness.

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