8 Habits of Highly Successful Women over 45: Part 2

Are you 45+ and still kvetching about your body, your lack of energy, and how you wish you had the time to take better care of yourself? (Click here to get a free 5 Minute Flow to help you with that!) Do you think you know what to do about your wellness, yet give your time freely to those around you before you take care of number one? This is my invitation to turn the tables on this bad habit.

I wrote last week about the first four of eight habits I’ve seen that lead to more success than frustration, increased wellness, fewer shameful moments, and more progress than you can imagine. Click here to read Part One.

If you are 45+, your stress is due, in large part, to the time of your life – AKA Peri-menopause or Menopause – and the fact that you are stretched for time and capacity. Here are the next three habits that just may surprise you…

These three habits are just as important as the first four. Sadly, none can be eliminated from your consideration.



The 45+ woman who has her wellness in check…

4. Has abandoned chronic “busy-ness” as a waste of time and an energy drag.
5. Has an awareness that her food choices are more about her relationship with food (rather than what she is eating) and recognizes this is a lifelong journey.
6. Is flexible enough to know she “doesn’t know” everything about how to get there.

How does she get there?

1. She lives by her wellness-centric calendar: She views the activities we teach at our Concierge Wellness Program like meal prepping, daily walks, planning your weeks carefully, exercise, and deliberate breathing as important as a meeting at work or school. Developing boundaries is crucial to maintaining control of her calendar, so she crafts her weeks with impenetrable boundaries. Be on the lookout for my first cohort for my Wellness Masterclass to be launched in the new year!



2. Develop a mindful relationship with food: The women who are most satisfied with their wellness post 45 have finally figured out food is not the problem. Their relationship with food, and how it can be used as a tool (or crutch), instead of a means to fuel oneself, took them down a spiraling path for 20 – 30 years. They now consider their relationship with food as more important than what they eat.



3. Devoted to a growth mindset: A growth mindset during this time in your life is the difference between trying new things to reach your goals or staying in the same old rut and victimhood and expecting something to change. It means you are interested in seeking new adventures because you know it is good for your brain, your body, and your soul. It means getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. It means accepting feedback as an opportunity. It means challenging the norm and not accepting less-than you are from you. It means you get curious about your relationships and where you spend your time because you have 16 waking hours in the day and want to spend them with others who enrich and “fill” you, not bring you down.



Even with all of these strategies, though, if you have a negative body image, your chances of achieving real wellness are decreased. It can get in your way like the biggest “Road Closed” sign every time you want something new and fresh. This is the most important tip I have for you…and it is coming next week!

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