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"I never thought I'd get this strong - or want to get this fit. Adrien motivates me to continue my pursuit of strength and wellness"
"Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom for wellness. You keep me evolving through our daily practice.
"YOU have totally spoiled me these past 15 years."

Wellness as a way of life

Alexandria Wellness is the most comprehensive wellness program in the region with its focus on food, sleep, stress tolerance, aging, calendar, a growth mindset, fitness, and fun.

We are uniquely focused on providing a strong powerful community for those committed to wellness as a lifestyle.

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Adrien Cotton - Alexandria Wellness Founder

ADRIEN COTTON believes that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is wellness. She is an accomplished corporate wellness educator and transformational wellness coach with proven success in designing and implementing innovative workforce wellness programs. Her effectiveness as a facilitative leader, motivational speaker, writer and coach is rooted in a strong set of guiding principles for growth and mirrors her own personal wellness journey.

Since founding ALEXANDRIA WELLNESS, Adrien has leveraged her fitness and wellness background to move people from a place of “giving up” to one of proactive self-care. Her work goes beyond nutrition and exercise and focuses on an individual’s lifestyle, focusing on key high-impact areas including: stress resilience, sleep, menopause, calendar management, and mindfulness. She excels in shifting mindset and helping her clients leverage small habits that yield big results.

Whereas the market is saturated with wellness professionals, Adrien brings breadth of corporate experience, a proprietary methodology, and a unique client-centric perspective. She served in high-leverage roles at Freddie Mac, on Capitol Hill, and at Texas Instruments before opening her own boutique gym to help her clients capture their strength in mind and body. Her senior executive clients consider her a trusted advisor and partner in establishing pathways to health and well-being.

Key Differentiators

  • Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, Adrien focuses on the interplay of sleep health, stress tolerance, and alignment of personal and work life.
  • Assuming the role of a fractional Chief Wellness Officer, Adrien is an inspirational, on-site presence who builds trust quickly and can meaningfully engage leadership.
  • A student of the neuroscience of habits, Adrien believes that small changes can create massive results. Her 5-MINUTE WELLNESS program helps users gain improved health through physical movements and techniques which, when consistently practiced, drive explosive positive change.
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