I am a Ballerina at Heart

I am, at heart, a Ballerina. I’ve spent the majority of my life in ballet shoes.



I started ballet at the relatively late – age 9 – and immediately fell in love with it. I spent 5 days a week in the studio for the majority of my childhood, never playing an organized sport (except one summer where I attempted to play softball… it was terrifying).

I had always been infatuated with having good posture – the kind that allows one to take control of a room (or stage presence, as we call it) and give off an air confidence. As I would learn later through yoga and chiropractic training, good posture also helps you feel better, prevent injury, and ensure proper digestion and breathing. Ballet helped me obtain that type of posture and body awareness, but it also helped me in many ways beyond just physical strength and muscle control. It allowed me to travel, cultivate friendships, and it taught me discipline.



I got to the opportunity to be a ballerina and spend a summer dancing in London (dance every day + explore London with friends when you’re just a teenager and have no other cares = best summer ever), and at the age of 16 was able to leave my small hometown in Missouri to attend a pre-professional dance program at a boarding school in Maine. There was a lot of pressure – mentally and physically – but it helped shape my character and prepare me for “real life”.



A ballerina’s movement is beautiful to watch but the technique and precision are very challenging. The more I practiced, the more I began to see my body transform. I began to notice the strength, body awareness, and flexibility that ballet gave me. With any form of training, your body has the ability to be transformed and that never ceases to amaze me.  Whether it’s a change in fitness, posture, or overall health, your body has the ability to improve no matter what age.



Whatever fitness path you choose, never forget how amazing your body is and what you and your amazing body are capable of.  While transformation can seem slow, with commitment and repetition, it will happen. I like to tell my students and patients alike that it’s ok to get uncomfortable – that’s where the transformation happens. So this year, keep challenging yourself to improve, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new!



Miranda Wall holds a doctorate in chiropractic and a Masters Degree in Nutrition. Dr. Wall practices chiropractic care and nutrition at The Chiropractic Associates in north Old Town. She also practices and teaches yoga. Join her for yoga on Saturdays at 4pm at Fitness on the Run. You can reach her by email at: drmirandawall@gmail.com

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