Calendar Mistakes Part 4: Not Reviewing Your Schedule Every Evening

Who knew a “boundaried”, clean, value-driven calendar could mean the difference between you feeling amazing or not about you, your wellness, and really your life? Me!

Do you ever feel like you race through your days? Do you feel like you simply cannot get “it” all done? Do you wonder how others “figure it out” and yet you are left without a drop of energy in your tank at day’s end? Or, do you honestly not really know what eats (no pun) up your day?

My friend, you are not alone.

I find so many women “aim high” and “fall short,” leaving them frustrated with their lack of accomplishment, unfit body, and unfulfilled life.

They want to “lose ten pounds” (top comment from women by far).

They want to “feel better about themselves.”

They are frustrated.

Yet, I am here to tell you today’s top hack is a game changer that can turn all of that around.

So far, my series has focused on the top mistakes I’ve seen hundreds of women make. They are making them and “swimming upstream.” They aren’t building a lean and efficient calendar which leads to a lean and efficient body. The top mistakes are:

  •  Your calendar does not reflect your values.
  •  Calendar items become a habit, not a choice.
  •  You say “Yes” more than “No.” “No” is a complete sentence with a clean schedule.
  •  You allow email to run your office time.

Last week, Holly detailed her calendar hacks that changed her life, her wellness, and her happiness.

Today’s mistake: You are Not Reviewing Your Schedule Every Evening

Our calendars change. We add items. We cancel appointments and dates. And, we reschedule. Kids, friends, and parents need – or take over – previously planned time blocked for other activities.

You see…our calendars run our lives!

My concierge clients practice the art of calendaring for their wellness. They take time weekly to map out their week – and they check and re-check it at the end of every day.

If you are racing through your days, then you may not realize or remember you added something or canceled/rescheduled until it’s too late. This is one problem I’ve seen, yet this is not the meat of the problem.

The meat of the problem with our calendar is a lack of a daily “brain dump” or end-of-the-day review before shutting down the blue light for the evening.

In a perfect scenario, I build my calendar weekly. I have a certain day and time I do this. I plan for my week. I know who I am seeing, I review all of my notes on them and I formulate my approach for every single meeting. I even start the process of writing projects (like this blog!) so they are at least started and I’ve thought them through thoroughly – well before I actually sit down to write.

I am prepared.

Yet, on occasion, schedules change. So, I review my schedule for the next day each afternoon when my workday is over so I can adjust my plans accordingly.

As an example, here is a typical day for me (I have them all planned out on the day I plan my entire week):

9:00-10:00am Concierge Client Wellness Visit
10:00-11:00am Corporate Wellness Zoom Workshop
11:00-11:30am Free 30-Minute Consult
12:00-1:30pm Writing

Let’s say my concierge client rescheduled for 1:30pm and I added a new PT client at 9am.

If I didn’t review my calendar the night before, I would have left out the 9am PT clients and been ill-prepared.

I want to use all of my energy for my clients. So, I do not want to scramble and race through notes right before I meet with them. I want to be as prepared as ever. So, the night before, I review my schedule and plan anything beyond what I didn’t plan over the weekend planning sessions for the session the following day.

Being ill-prepared is a non-starter for your health, your wellness, your stress, and your life. If you want to dive deeper into gaining control of your individual calendar and ultimately your wellness, book a free consult with me at

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