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Concierge Wellness Program from Alexandria Wellness
Have you ever felt like you have tried everything and yet you still can’t seem to get that health, fitness, wellness – and really happiness - you want?
Have you ever thought about how you help everyone else before yourself and know your health, wellness and fitness takes a backseat to everyone else’s needs?
Do you worry or “stress out” a lot about how you feel, look or are unhappy with the image you perceive in the mirror?
If any – or all – apply to you, welcome to Alexandria Wellness. We built our program just for you.

Welcome to building your confidence and up-leveling your wellness and living that life you want.

Truly transform your health, fitness and how you feel about your body

  • Total wellness and fitness – and happiness – is about much more than cutting calories and exercising more.
  • We have become experts at helping you develop habits that lead you to your wellness and fitness goals.
  • Willpower and discipline are not effective. Habits are!
  • The science is behind our work and we’ve seen it help dozens achieve their own wellness.
  • We set you up for SUCCESS with simple - yet effective - strategies to help you lose excess pounds and feel better - for good!

Small change = big results

We may start small with habits you pick up early, eventually challenging you with more taxing habits. Making simple habit change that lasts will help you on your wellness and weight loss plan. For women experiencing changes in their bodies due to peri-menopause and menopause or not, the struggle for feeling good is real. You may feel alone, suffer most in silence and certainly don’t have a safe place to ask questions or even someone who can listen.
Until now…
We get it. We’ve been there. Whether it is because you are caring more for children, parents, spouses, partners, superiors or colleagues at work OR if you feel like you’ve tried everything, there is an answer.
It is here at Alexandria Wellness.

We help you frame your priorities from day 1

  • You may spend less time on social media, more time being present with those you love.
  • You may drive in silence and practice deep breathing instead of a podcast, radio show or phone conversation.
  • You may consider your 7 hours of sleep your most important appointment of the day.
  • You will learn how small steps like those above are the foundation for you keeping your body fit and strong.
  • Fit and strong is not only a physical description; it is who you are.

You will become strong, confident and focus on what really matters in your life.

What are you waiting for?

Alexandria Wellness was founded by a woman herself going through the phases of “victimhood”, uncertain identity and no authentic “compass” to totally “digging in” and defining for herself who she is. From there, the floodgates of wellness transformed her life. Finding total wellness, she will share, is beyond rewarding and confidence boosting. She believes these years in her 50’s are her best years yet.

She is stronger, more content, makes decisions easily because she knows her value system, chooses her “tribe” carefully and knows this is her vocation to help you and practices what she preaches.

Without her crisis, there would be no transformation.
And she wants to help you transform yours!

Whether you are 45 or 65 – or somewhere in between- this is a phase of your life like no other. You can choose to take the “bull by the horns” and take advantage of the massive amount of unprecedented brain activity your body has not experienced yet OR you can choose to toil in the pesky symptoms of your changing body aimlessly with no real solution.

Hot flashes alone can take 14 years.
Do you have 14 years to feel better?

She has traveled up and down and all around the wellness, diet and fitness fads. You name it: she has tried high impact, cardio heavy, running, spinning, Vegetarian, Paleo, calorie restriction, and much more. Because she is in the fitness industry, she decided to research everything she could get her hands on to find true balance and total contentedness with her own health, wellness and body.

Concierge Wellness Packages

All plans are 6-month terms and include wellness foundations + virtual materials and resources.

Silver Small Group

  • 5 small group sessions / month
  • Wellness visits available for purchase
  • (2) 15 minute calls with a health coach

Results Gold

  • 2 personal training + 3 small group sessions / month
  • Wellness visits available for purchase
  • (2) 15 minute calls with a health coach

Results Platinum

  • 1 personal training session / week
  • Monthly 60-minute wellness visit
  • Weekly 30-minute call

Foundations + Accountability

  • (2) 45-minute wellness visits
  • (2) 15-minute check-ins each month

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Gain strength, build confidence and focus on what really matters in your life.

Our program has one of the top fitness instructors in Northern Virginia to train you in your exercise and a highly skilled team of wellness and nutrition experts to help you with your food plan. We recognize we first must find the motivation for your desire for a certain health or weight. Mindfulness, meditation, daily habits and exploring the language you use daily will help us craft a personalized wellness plan for you – and help you reach those goals you thought unobtainable.

Re-defining success in new ways

Adrien Cotton was the perfect student, leader in student government, winner of pageants, a skilled and successful athlete in her younger years. She earned her Master’s degree while working full time in a demanding position in government. She toiled through high levels of government and corporate America. She was raised in a family where “success” was measured by level of academic degrees and your bank account.

She needed to re-define “success” in a new way.

She knew she was filling her bank account, yet it wasn’t “filling” her soul.

So, in 2004 after the encouragement of a small group of friends, she decided to “jump off the cliff” and start her journey to help herself and others find real wellness and fitness. She has seen over 1,500 clients, worked with 3 dozen coaches, and calls her handful of mentors and leaders “friend”.

Starting a journey to help herself and others

Eventually after 10 years in the business, she decided to find her own version of wellness, and no one else’s. Yes, you heard me right, even working in the fitness business didn’t get her where she wanted. She herself experienced her own personal crisis and she decided to “take charge” and explore why she had been so unsatisfied with her own wellness and fitness for the first 40 years of her life.

And she figured it out.
She can help you.

Her journey began and ended with her exploration of her own life experiences, how she interpreted them and how she had allowed them to identify her. She explored the messy way our society venerates “beauty” and has its own definition.

She needed her own definition as a mom and a wellness expert.

By “digging deep”, she realized she was carrying around a lot of “baggage” from her upbringing that either was real or simply perceived as truth. She had subconsciously turned almost 10 years into a place she now admits was “a daily challenge”.

She was a “victim”.

Believe it or not, how we are raised, the language we use, how we interpret others’ treatment about us has a HUGE impact on our wellness.

Shaping the view of ourselves with Alexandria Wellness

Shaping the view of ourselves

Have you ever thought about how certain experiences, like relationship break ups, family turmoil and work failures shape how you view yourself?

Take a certain comment from a superior at work, a teacher in school or a parent that is consciously or unconsciously defining how you feel about yourself.

Not only is the language we use to express ourselves to others (through written or spoken word), the way we speak or write them and choice of words we use to talk to ourselves has a lasting impact on our wellness.

Ditch negative self talk with Alexandria Wellness

Ditch Negative Self Talk

“Should” and “sorry” are two of the many words that have found their way into many women’s lexicon. Adrien is on a campaign to either stop or massively limit the use of them and other words a commonly used by all of us that convey a fixed, limited and closed mindset. Adrien and
her team will help you replace certain words with more positive and growth mindset terms so you can truly achieve the wellness you wish.

In our program, you may be asked to think differently. You may be schooled in a new way.

Reduce stress and focus on your goals with Alexandria Wellness

reduce stress, focus on your goals

We know the research on mindfulness and meditation. We know that even just 30 seconds or 1 minute of mindfulness or meditation can have a huge and lasting impact not only on your stress level yet also on your fitness and wellness goals.

Gentling “escorting our minds back to the present” can calm your breathing bringing immediate stress relief to a personal or work experience.

Learning how to simply focus on your breathing can – yet – also help you gain control of your health and fitness and bring you satisfaction you thought had long past you.

Did you know while you sleep your body is burning fat, building muscle and so much more?

When you cheat your body of its primal need, metabolism slows, pounds add up easier, you are hungrier and your ability to recover – or handle – stress is compromised.

When you don’t get the consistent sleep you need, your cognitive function, athletic ability and response time are compromised,

Haven’t you tried so many other programs, diets and fads and are still stuck in the same “you” that is unsatisfying.

“I now have a sleep routine that I don’t’ compromise. I feel so much better and have been able to not only lose the weight, I’ve kept it off. I’m convinced it is a result of my sleep habits.”

We choose strength over any movement program because we ALL need strength inside and out.

Our clients have experiences not only body composition goals, yet a new way to address their work lives, relationships, and many other parts of their daily lives. They come for more “outward” help to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Over time, they often find themselves exploring their career, relationships and other facets of their lives. Many of our clients have learned to get really curious about their bodies and lives and are feeling more confident than ever.

“I am living inside my body. I used to pay no attention to how I moved and now I not only pay attention to how I move, walk, sit and stand, I am more curious about all facets of my life – personal and professional.”

So, we still DO lots of fitness. Yet, more important we teach you how to move throughout your day, not just the gym.

In the gym, we will show you the strength you have beneath that skin that will eventually feel limitless. We believe strength is a badge of honor too.

Imagine no longer looking at others complete cool exercises you never thought possible and actually DOING them WELL yourself? It’s never too late.

Imagine now that person is you.

Our program believes in small changes equal big results.

  • We are not your 30-day challenge, your cleanse or your quick fix.
  • We are a program dedicated to pacing your progress so that this time you reach it – and never look back.
  • We will not put you on a restricted and deprivation-centered diet.
  • We will teach you about what foods helps and what foods will detract from your wellness.
  • We are not calorie counters, nor are we “low fat” “no fat” subscribers.
  • We believe our bodies are a gift and we should treat them so.
  • We want you to FUEL your body with nutritious foods, ample and quality sleep, physical movement throughout the day – not just in the gym, a robust stress tolerance practice and finding small habit change that lasts.

Our program is at least 3 months because we want to pace your progress, remove any potential injury and lay the foundation for the more complicated and more challenging workouts you will learn to love.

We encourage all of our clients to consider a year of growth with us. A commitment of a year is also your own way to avoid the “roller coaster” ride you’ve already been on for so long. We hold your hand to NOT repeat the “ons and offs”, ups and downs and peaks and valleys of dieting and fitness trends.

While our program has one of the top fitness instructors in Northern Virginia to train you in your exercise and a highly skilled team of wellness and nutrition experts to help you with your food plan, we recognize we first must find the motivation for your desire for a certain health or weight. Mindfulness, meditation, daily habits and exploring the language you use daily will help us craft a personalized wellness plan for you – and help you reach those goals you thought unobtainable.

Developing a growth mindset takes time. Leaving behind our old fixed mindset is a daily practice and will mean lasting results for you and your wellness. We work with you to help frame your wellness plan in terms of the person you are, not the person who you thought you wanted to be.


Truly Transform Your Health, Fitness And How You Feel About Your Body

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