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Frequently Asked Question!

During Adrien’s tenure for 15 years as the owner of Fitness on the Run, she placed great emphasis on her continued professional development as a fitness professional. During this time, she became much more educated about the holistic nature of wellness. In other words, she realized that it was very difficult to maintain long-term health and well-being by working out alone. She became keenly aware that diet and exercise alone are not the answer to achieving wellness. She came to realize just how significant sleep, nutrition, stress levels and a growth mindset are to the whole wellness picture.

Adrien began integrating education about these other aspects of wellness into her fitness programs in 2015, formally began teaching about them in the Fit for Life program that launched in 2018, offered the first Alexandria Wellness programs (Concierge Wellness) January 2019, and is now making a more permanent and complete transition. Alexandria Wellness, therefore, replaces FOR and incorporates equal emphasis on all aspects of wellness to promote long-term health, well-being and fitness. This holistic and fully integrated approach to wellness offers members education, access to experts, and support in developing a wellness way of life and fitness. Because research consistently supports the notion that people make more progress when surrounded by a like-minded and equally motivated community, one of the primary features of Alexandria Wellness is the community.

Adrien also launched “Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton” in an effort to help organizations maintain a culture of wellness in 2018. Adrien plans to continue to grow her reach in the corporate, legal and association community providing wellness and health coaching programs for organizations focused on integrating wellness into their culture. Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton will be a component of Alexandria Wellness.

The Alexandria Wellness team is be led by Adrien Cotton and will include Megan Crozier, who many of you know as our resident Nutrition Therapist and Fitness on the Run trainer, and another experienced health, wellness, and organization development coach. Adrien is also in discussion with other nutrition, fitness and wellness experts in the DC area to join her select team of professionals.

Every member of the Alexandria Wellness team will be fully committed to all the tenets of the Alexandria Wellness philosophy – Wellness as a way of life. All the team members will be engaged in continuous learning and teaching not only about the best, safest and most effective forms of fitness, but about the importance of sleep, nutrition, stress management, and mindset.

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