Corporate Wellness Program

Corpporate Wellness Program offered by Alexandria Wellness

Treat your team to insightful conversation and instruction from the Founder of Fitness on the Run and Alexandria Wellness. These workshops will transform lives and set your workflow up for success.

Topics include sleep, food & drink, exercise, creating lasting habits, meditation, positive self-talk and more.

Featured Workshop

Stress: how it helps and hurts you

Stress Reduction Tips for a Healthy Workplace and Lifestyle

Join Adrien Cotton, Founder of Fitness on the Run and Alexandria Wellness for an interactive and break through workshop unveiling the ways stress effects our lives and how to counter its effects.

Explore our Workshop Topics

Make sleep your most important "appointment"

Did you know short term sleep deprivation is like being drunk? It can cause the same mental impairment as a 0.05 percent blood alcohol level. Ever thought that consistently missing valued sleep can sabotage your weight loss and fitness plan? In this workshop, we discuss the current (lack of) sleep epidemic and how it can place anyone in a harmful long term downward spiral.

Approach your food - and drink - choices with the 80/20 rule

40 minutes of exercise can be trumped with 10 minutes of bad eating. There is so much information in the media about what and how much to eat. As Americans, we are surrounded by food – and drink – choices. In this workshop, we unveil simple and less-confusing ways to approach your diet to result in healthy choices.

Making exercise fun AND building it into your day

How your daily habits may be sabotaging your health and wellness” Adrien has researched the science of habits extensively. She will teach you and your colleagues simple ways to address the pesky habits that can lead to sacrificing your health.

Create morning habits that last and give you results

In this workshop, we explain the benefits of turning your early morning into a super-charged productivity engine. Starting small and building a morning habit is what separates many from being sort-of successful to those who achieve their ultimate health, productivity and fitness goals.

The sit rise test

In this workshop, we discuss a scientifically-proven method to increase your longevity, build muscle and strength and stay active. It can be done at home, work and virtually anywhere!

Learn how to practice daily meditation

Meditation has been proven to help increase productivity, promote contentedness and calm even the most “stressed-out” individuals. Here, we discuss simple and effective ways to start meditating.

How your negative language can impact your health, wellness and fitness

Did you know it takes 20 positive thoughts to “erase” one negative one? Ever consider your negative “inner voice” may be sabotaging not only your health but your fitness and wellness plan? Here, we give you tips on how to recognize it and how to combat it for improved self-confidence and successful wellness.

Go barefoot as much as possible

A pair of feet have 52 bones, 107 ligaments and thousands of nerves. 25% of all bones in your body are in your feet. Your feet are the main driver of your posture, your ability to remain injury-free and the reason for balance or not. We’ll discuss ways to use and strengthen your feet for successful fitness.

Calories, dress/pant size and the scale

We often think if we just lost that 10, 20 or 30 pounds, we’ll be so much happier. Or a size __. In this workshop, we’ll discuss healthy body composition goals and attitudes and how to achieve success – based on tangible and achievable goals, not the scale, size, or number of calories you consume. FITNESS ON.

"Adrien's interactive and fun workshops not only helped create a culture of wellness, our team has simple and effective strategies they use at work and at home."

  • Refreshing, hopeful
  • Changing the language can reduce stress
  • Helpful, eye-opening, inspiring
  • Helpful, insightful
  • Be intentional with time
  • Providing a different perspective
  • Great self care ideas and examples

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