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There is no better time to commit to engaging on-site or virtual expert wellness support.
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Adrien Cotton

Meet your wellness expert

ADRIEN COTTON believes that the greatest gift that corporate leaders can give to their organizations is the gift of employee wellness. She is an accomplished corporate wellness educator and transformational wellness coach with proven success in designing and implementing innovative workforce wellness programs. Her effectiveness as a facilitative leader, motivational speaker, writer and coach is rooted in a strong set of guiding principles for growth and mirrors her own personal wellness journey.

Since founding ALEXANDRIA WELLNESS, Adrien has leveraged her fitness and wellness background to move people from a place of “giving up” to one of proactive self-care. Her work goes beyond nutrition and exercise and focuses on an individual’s lifestyle, focusing on key high-impact areas including: stress resilience, sleep, menopause, calendar management, and mindfulness. She excels in shifting mindset and helping her clients leverage small habits that yield big results.

Whereas the market is saturated with wellness professionals, Adrien brings breadth of corporate experience, a proprietary methodology, and a unique client-centric perspective. She served in high-leverage roles at Freddie Mac, on Capitol Hill, and at Texas Instruments before opening her own boutique gym to help her clients capture their strength in mind and body. Her senior executive clients consider her a trusted advisor and partner in establishing guidelines for employee health and well-being and reframing wellness in the post-COVID workplace.

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Testimonials from Corporate Clients


I’ve been applying Adrien’s small, positive habits throughout my day, and I’m already noticing improvement! I’m excited to try these strategies at home!

Adrien’s sessions have been transformative for our group. We’re not only learning to nurture our own well-being, we’re looking out for each other.

What’s Unique about Wellness with Adrien

Wellness Wheel

High-Impact Program Design

Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton is designed for success and includes:
  • 3- 10 months of engagement with your team
  • Monthly Experiences tailored to your team’s needs
  • Customized combination of Guided Workshops and Small Group and Individual Wellness Coaching Sessions offered during monthly 4-hour in-person or virtual visits
The number of workshops, coaching and individual sessions can be customized based on our host’s needs to allow maximum participation and engagement.

“It is so refreshing to have open dialogue about the challenges we all face in finding work-life balance. Adrien’s small group coaching sessions really helped us to come together as a team and to really listen to one another.”

“Our session with Adrien was very helpful. We packed a lot into less than an hour!”

We are currently booking clients for:

"New Normal "

Three-month Corporate Transition Package

October, November and December 2021

"new Normal" flyer

Giving the Gift of Wellness

Annual Corporate Wellness Package

Beginning January 2022

Annual Corporate Wellness Flyer

Every program is led by Adrien Cotton herself, so opportunities are limited. Contact us today to discuss either option at 844-709-WELL!


Yes and… Adrien Cotton personally leads all of the Alexandria Wellness corporate programs. On occasion, she may bring in a subject-matter expert to accompany her at the request of the host. This will always be offered to the organization as an optional additional benefit.

The Corporate “New Normal” Transition Package is a 3-month package (October, November and December 2021). The program is designed to support teams in making a healthy and mindful transition back to the work-place and addresses the key areas that companies and team members are struggling with right now. Print out details here!

Giving the Gift of Wellness is an annual package that tells your team you CARE about their wellness. We are booking now for 2022 and space is limited. The program includes 8 or 10 monthly in-person or virtual Experiences with your organization over the course of one year. Print out details here!

All monthly programs are four hours long. In-person Experiences are scheduled for 4 hours on one day. Virtual programs can be scheduled for 4 hours on one day or 2 hours over two different days.

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