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Re-framing Work Life Balance

Join Adrien Cotton, Founder of Alexandria Wellness for this fun and interactive workshop where your team will learn how to better align their work and personal lives and take the stress out of the age-old concept of “Work Life Balance

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Re-Framing "Work Life Balance"

Many of us grew up aiming for “balance” between our work and personal lives, keeping them in “silos” in our minds. In this breakthrough workshop, we will uncover alternative ways to approach our work lives in the context of our broader identity as Moms & Dads, Sons and Daughters, Aunts & Uncles, Partners, Friends and the many important roles we play. In our interactive discussion, your team will individually and collectively define a new “work life balance” that feels more satisfying and leads to more contentment and ultimately greater wellness. They will walk away with 2-3 simple new strategies that help them find alignment between the two. Benefits: creates community with staff, makes getting healthy fun, lowers health care costs.

Habit Your Way to Wellness

In this motivating workshop, you and your team will learn that the days of relying upon willpower and discipline are gone. We are now in the age of building small habits that result in fruitful change and greater wellness. The science of habits is gaining ground among athletes, corporations and anyone seeking excellence. You and your team will walk away confidently knowing how incorporating small change leads to big results.

Building Stress Resilience for Wellness

This is one of our most popular workshops. Stress leads to weight gain, sleep deprivation, hunger, lack of productivity, and decreases cognitive function. Building a stress resilience practice is at the root of a wellness life and workstyle. Here, we will explore common workplace and home stressors and introduce simple steps that can help participants “respond not react” when facing chronic, planned or unanticipated stress.

Sleep is your most important appointment of the day

Next to water, sleep is the most primal of our needs. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we are hungrier, “hangrier”, our metabolism slows, weight gain is inevitable, and our brains can’t function effectively. We will teach your team simple steps to find your own personal sleep “magic” that suits you.

Mindfullness and how can you develop a practice of it

Here we explore mindfulness—what it is and why it matters. Staff learn how to create mindfulness practices, strengthen an existing practice and ways to integrate it into your daily life.

Master your calendar: master your wellness

So many of us build a “to do” list and a schedule that matches it. In this workshop, Adrien will teach you how calendar control leads to control of your life and wellness.

How to build exercise into your day

It can be difficult to get to the gym, studio or anywhere to exercise. It is even more challenging to find time in your workday to move. In this workshop, we help you navigate your day building in movement that matters. We share tools for exercise at the desk and even while walking to the copy machine!

The Power of the Floor

The ability to get on and off the floor without using your hands has been proven to be a predictor of how long you will live. In a landmark study, men and women ages 51 to 80 were followed for 6 years. Those who needed to use both hands and knees to get up and down were almost seven times more likely to die within six years than those who could spring up and down without support.

Ditch negative self talk

It takes 20 positive thoughts to erase 1 negative one. Did you know our negative “inner voice” is hugely responsible for our outlook on life, our productivity and can be an indicator of success or not in many facets of work and personal life? In this workshop, your team will learn fun ways to recognize when negative language is arising and how to combat it for self-confidence and success.

Why the (scale, size) numbers lie

Many of us were raised counting calories, dress and pant size and judging ourselves and others in this context. In this workshop, your team will discuss how it is possible to redefine society’s portrayal of the multitude of “health” numbers of which we are surrounded on a daily basis.

A nourishing approach to food

There is a preponderance of information in the marketplace about how, what, where and when to eat. We want to reduce frustration and leave you with a renewed sense of confidence in food choices and to gain a broader relationship with food.

Go barefoot for real fitness

A pair of feet have 52 bones, 107 ligaments and thousands of nerves. 25% of the bones in your body are on your feet. They drive your posture, your strength, your balance and your ability to remain injury-free. We will discuss the basis for health – and strong – feet and why you may consider losing the shoes during exercise and beyond!

How (Your Wellness) Can Survive the Holidays

So many Americans lose track of their healthy habits and fall prey to over-indulging and less movement during the holidays. Now,
during a global Pandemic, will it be different for you? How can you choose a few small healthy habits that will make this year different? We will help you learn to choose to make this holiday season one filled with lasting healthy habits that will bring joy to your holidays.

"Adrien's interactive and fun workshops not only helped create a culture of wellness, our team has simple and effective strategies they use at work and at home."


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