Elizabeth Lucchesi: Beyond Keeping Up

Family, community, me and not in that order!

I met Elizabeth Lucchesi about a year ago when she first joined Fitness on the Run (FOR). She has a way about herself that is infectious. From one small business owner who takes business ownership to another level to another: it was no surprise to me Elizabeth is a top realtor in Alexandria. We both aim high.

We connected over kids, of course, as our children attend the same school. We are both walking the journey of raising Christian children in a world filled with negativity and lopsided values. We connected over supportive husbands of our business dreams. And, then we talked about how we both conquer each day typically crashing into bed by 10PM nightly.

Elizabeth says, “Like oxygen on a failing airplane. Take care of yourself first or you’ll be no good helping others.” Elizabeth subscribes to a self-love philosophy: take care of me. If I am not at my best, how can I teach our children, colleague and others with whom I surround myself to be the best they can be?

Elizabeth is working on staying fit, getting to the next birthday stronger than the previous and to slice the ball better than any other on the court.

The tennis court that is…

It didn’t take long for me to learn of Elizabeth’s other passion: tennis. I too¬†played competitive tennis in high school and played at the college level.

Elizabeth has learned her workouts do not need to be “all out”. In fact, they shouldn’t. Our adrenal-fatigued environment is stressful enough on our bodies. We need solid strength building and fun workouts that promote good posture, healthy bones and heart.

That wasn’t hard for Elizabeth. She has won hands-down the Funniest Client at FOR award. She takes each movement in stride, works to complete them
correctly and all the while laughs or throws out one of her Richmond-accent
jokes this Californian doesn’t quite understand but still guffaws.

We meet all kinds of people at Fitness on the Run (FOR). I continue to pinch myself daily when I mull over the amazing, successful and determined people we call “family” at FOR. Elizabeth helps us all see how all of the pieces fall into place and that it is possible.

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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