Enjoy the Journey

Now that we have discussed the steps I believe lead to a growth mindset and greater wellness, I want to introduce to you my final tip: Enjoy the journey. Your experiences will be much more rewarding if you apply this strategy to your daily life. Not only will you give your brain a boost of positive feeling, you will likely continue to create successes. Your brain loves success and will want to continue the path toward wellness.

There are more, yet here are my favorite ways to enjoy the journey…

#1 Celebrate successes and wins along the way

The key to making progress is to celebrate the small wins, even when you think they are too small. Wins like these I’ve listed below can, combined or not, create the perfect environment for wellness.

  • Meal planning two times per month
  • Practicing gratitude once per week
  • Taking five intentional, deep breaths each day
  • Going to bed earlier one night per week
  • Skipping the glass of wine with dinner two nights per week
  • Unsubscribing from one superfluous email
  • Avoiding social media for one full day
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new

#2 Teach others how to achieve a growth mindset

Now that you have the tools you need to make these mindset shifts in your own life, I challenge you to teach others how to do the same. The way we become better at our craft is to be so good that we teach others. This will “sharpen our blade” of wellness and will “catch on” with others teaching others!

  •  Your friend Sally is upset with feedback she received from a family member who said she is “too set in her ways.” She took the feedback as a personal attack on her character. Help her understand that she can use the feedback she received as an opportunity to make a positive change, or even to consider it a gift, and remain more open-minded in the future. Once she makes this mindset shift, she will be able to appreciate the feedback she received and move forward without any hard feelings. She may even decide to ask for feedback more often in the future!

There are so many things out of our control, yet what we can control is our mindset and how we approach every situation in our lives. Adopt these strategies for a growth mindset and you will be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

To wrap up my series, here are four ways you can achieve a growth mindset and live a wellness-centric and contented lifestyle.

  • Cultivate a sense of purpose
  •  Focus on the process, not the outcome
  •  View challenges as opportunities for growth
  •  Enjoy the journey

If you’d like to try out our Small Group Training and Small Group Yoga with Lis, you can email her at alicia@alexandriawellness.com. Like all of us at Alexandria Wellness, she too exudes a growth mindset!

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