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Alexandria Wellness Fitness + Foundstions Program

At Alexandria Wellness we are keenly aware of the importance of community and continual education to achieve true wellness. Therefore, we will occasionally host workshops and discussions – and fun events too – to keep our community engaged on meaningful and relevant topics.

Check out our latest event(s) and consider joining us!

We discuss, learn, and most of all, have fun!

Do you have questions about symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, sexual pain, loss of libido, vision and more, yet don’t know how to or who to ask? Have you felt like your lifelong doctor had all of the answers? Yet are you still suffering through it all. Here is your opportunity to meet one of our country’s top Menopause Specialists and Women’s Health Experts, Dr. James A. Simon.

Women and Investing (Presented by SDFCU)

Monday, February 22nd at 2pm (online event)

Please join and learn 6 Ways Women Can Build Financial Confidence and Close the Cumulative Pay Gap.
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