Why Exercise on Vacation?

We often tell clients not to stress out about “taking a break.” Instead, we emphasize that they should stress less about “getting in” a workout – focusing more on the journey not the outcome. Don’t worry if you miss one here and there. Because we often live in a stressed out bubble, the break is sometimes healthier than the work.

All of these statements are absolutely true. It’s not worth the stress…most of the time.

Yet why not keep up – or start a new – program on vacation?

We created a program for those of you who want to “take it on the road”. Along with your sunblock and new resort wear, you can pack your Summer Workouts! They take no space – as little as a mini band.

For those of you who want an extra workout for the week and don’t want to drive to the gym, buy 1, 3 or all 9 of the Summer Travel Workouts. Each one is specially designed for a 10-20-30-40 minute workout for every fitness level.

We have developed our own thoughtfully-constructed Fitness on the Run workouts, ranging from no equipment necessary to a mini band to slam balls. And, we have priced them at a fraction of the cost of a personal training session.

While we believe you should always have a coach to watch you train, there are extenuating circumstances where you can train alone – or ask a friend or neighbor to watch you for safety. Safety and form are #1 in our book.

Do professional athletes like Jordan Spieth, Serena Williams or our very own athletes at FOR have a consistent training program?

You tell me…

Yes, of course they do. And, of course they have lives where something comes up. Something gets in the way. But, they stick to their training program 99% of the time.

Most of us in the training community understand a day off. The boss calls a meeting, a kid is sick and home from school or you’re just not feeling motivated. Yet, if your body is accustomed to training 3-4 days a week and you stick to this for 45 of the 52 weeks of the year, imagine the goals you will reach!

Start approaching your exercise as a journey, not a weekly or monthly checklist. Challenge yourself to view exercise as a way of life, not just as an accomplishment for your own gratification.

The most successful and results driven training programs are sustainable and achievable. They include focus, goals and FUN.  This is why we are now such believers in the 5-minute flow.  Some people probably view this as a waste of time, but try it, 5 minutes a day, EVERYDAY! *Hint, this is one of the Summer Travel Workouts you can purchase.

We promise . . . moving, consistency, rest and most of all having FUN on your next vacation will restore and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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