How’s that (Fitness) New Year’s Resolution Working for You?

It is early April. It’s practically Tax Day! Never fear…it’s not too late.

It’s not too late to make a change. Be courageous. Take a stand for your own health.

I have an old coach/mentor who once told me about workouts: “If you are going to eat a plate of frogs, eat the big one first.”


Who out there is still engaged in the “New Year’s Resolution” they planned for 2016? Congrats to those of you who are. I bet you have found a sustainable program (fitness, food, etc.) that is working for you. I have a friend who committed to one and has lost 25 pounds. Wow! More on her in the spring.

For the other 95%, it’s cool. Most NYRs don’t work. They don’t take into account life changes, unexpected barriers and oh yes, that your focus may change.

Let’s get re-started. And let’s do it from a positive place. Instead of what can I “cut” or “lose” change it to what can you add that will make your life healthier and more fulfilling?

  1. A) Add more veggies to your life
  2. B) Get to sleep earlier
  3. C) Turn onelectronics after 8AM
  4. D) Turn off electronics after 8PM
  5. E) Add prayer/meditation into your morning routine
  6. F) Work onjoint mobility

I can go on forever. The point I would like to make to you about making resolutions or promises to yourself is this: the likelihood of success will be determined by the resolution’s achievability and its positive place in your mind. So, instead of making a negative resolution like “lose 10 pounds”, change your mindset to something positive and immediately achievable.

To start with cutting out wine or chocolate is tough and frankly merely impossible. Instead, how about turning off your computer and meditating for 5 minutes before bed? Then add “permission for a glass of wine on Fridays” instead. (This insinuates you will have it then!)

Have you noticed I’ve said nothing about working out? Adding fitness, increasing it, or making it more intense can help you reach your body composition goals, for sure. Absolutely fat loss comes with added exercise. You are simply moving more! Yet if you have started your journey with achievable goals, like 7 hours of continuous sleep, your workouts will ROCK! And they will be less stressful because the reason why you are there is not for fat loss but to feel better.

Once more fitness is added in, the weight loss will scoot along faster because the less action required/harder part activity is over (more sleep) and you’ve bitten off the tough stuff. Like the frog!

I suggest to our Fitness on the Run clients to add in 10 squats and 5 real push-ups before and after their morning shower. Yes, that will be a huge start to reaching any body composition goals. If a client has already been spending time evaluating their sleep habits, and has started to find ways to remedy any shortcomings, completing 20 squats and 10 push-ups will be even more effective in building lean muscle. This is because your body is more rested and those lovely hormones can create the perfect environment for muscle growth and fat loss.

The results? A more lasting and possibly easier “resolution” since you are DOING something instead of NOT.

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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