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At Alexandria Wellness, we believe in making daily physical movement a lifelong habit. Not only does physical movement help build our strength and give us the wellness we need to live our most abundant lives, but regular exercise also reduces stress, helps us achieve restful sleep, improves our mood, and increases our productivity and feel-good hormones. Our clients (myself included!) believe that physical strength leads to emotional strength, and emotional strength helps us build wellness practices that increase our joy and allow us to live to the fullest extent. But this isn’t just for those of us in midlife…

…this holds true for all ages! Physical movement isn’t just for those of us trying to improve our overall wellness as we journey through midlife; it is even more important to help our community’s children make it a lifelong habit. Research has shown that just as exercise benefits adult mood and motivation, movement-based activities throughout the day also prime kids’ brains for optimal learning and brain growth.

I feel so fortunate to work with women who have passion and commitment to our wonderful City of Alexandria community. I am honored to support Move2Learn’s commitment to providing movement strategies and tools to support the students of Alexandria City Public Schools.

Please join our team and our community in supporting this vitally important effort.

Your donation of $50 is your ticket to a fun, healthy workout with Alexandria Wellness and Move2Learn at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 22. Participate in person (limited to 8 registrants) or by Zoom (unlimited participation!). All proceeds support Move2Learn’s programming to bring movement to Alexandria public school students to help them feel and learn their best.

Read more about Move2Learn below, and please consider donating today. When making a donation, please leave a note that you will be attending the session. If you have questions regarding your registration, please contact Thank you!

Alexandria Wellness Get Active for Kids

The Move2Learn Story

At Move2Learn | Powered by RunningBrooke, we use movement to transform learning so all students can reach their highest potential. We do this by providing tools like our signature Active Seating Packages—under-desk pedals, accordion stools, balance discs, balance balls, and stationary bikes—that get kids physically active right in their classrooms without distracting themselves or others.

In fact, far from distracting, active seating promotes focus, so students stay on task and feel and do better.

And 80 percent of teachers report that active seating helps their students’ social and emotional learning. And 75 percent of teachers report their students are more on task. That’s a huge deal. Students need every advantage — and active seating is at the top of the list!

Importantly, active seating also addresses some of the most pressing needs students face today: Social and emotional learning. So many kids struggle with mental health, absenteeism, and learning loss due to the pandemic. Movement is a critical tool that gives students the power to overcome feelings that get in their way of learning.

We serve all of ACPS, but especially those who might be overlooked. Our goal is to make sure these students have access to critical tools needed for success—to level the learning field. That’s our only mission at Move2Learn.

Brooke and the Move2Learn team are so grateful to Adrien—and you—for supporting our important work and believing in our students. Thank you.

We hope you’ll join us at 9 a.m. April 22 to Get Active For Kids!

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