Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

BRRRRR 🥶. It’s getting chilly, ladies.

The following guidelines will apply to those of you who travel to the AW carport or studio. For those of you who are virtual, lucky you! Inclement weather won’t prevent a great workout.

  1. We want you to always feel safe. If you feel unsafe traveling to your session, please text your instructor at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled start time. We will cancel your group or PT session without penalty and encourage you to reschedule for another day.
  2. Communication between you and your instructor is the key to less frustration and more confidence during inclement weather.
  3. In the event of snow, Adrien and/or Lis will communicate with you regularly to update you on conditions. They will let you know at least 2 hours before your scheduled start time if they are unable to drive to the studio safely.
  4. If your child’s in-person school is closed due to weather, we will cancel your personal training or small group session without penalty.

Bundle up and keep on moving!

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