Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

We want you to always feel safe. Communication between you and your instructor and you is vital during inclement weather. If you feel unsafe traveling to your session, you can cancel without penalty. We encourage you to reschedule for another day. If your child’s school is closed due to weather, we will early cancel your personal training or small group session. Please make your trainer aware if you are unable to attend so that you are not charged.

Personal Training Sessions & Small Groups

Your instructor will communicate with you the evening before or the morning of the weather, depending on the time of your session. If you do not hear from them, please reach out to them directly. Their contact information

Alternatively, you can find their cell phone number on the bottom of the confirmation email you received. For those of you registered in a small group, please notify your instructor if you cannot attend. If the small group is canceled because the instructor cannot make it to the gym, you will receive an email notification that the group was canceled. Additionally, the small group will also be listed as “canceled” on the Mindbody schedule.

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