Never Say These 2 Words …If You Want To Be Fit.

What happens inside your head when you make hourly food choices, decide not to exercise and go to bed late? It is possible you have told yourself a story. The story could go something like this:

“I give so much of my day to others, this (fill in the blank) is for me! Choosing otherwise will never make a difference.”

“What is the point of exercise anyway if I’LL NEVER feel the way I want to?”

“I deserve another episode of (_____) to make up for the hard day I put in today.  After all, I’LL NEVER make progress to lose the extra weight by getting to sleep earlier.”

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Better yet, why do I start 100 percent of my corporate and concierge clients focusing on one of my eight strategies for wellness (instead of the other seven)? I believe in all of you. I believe that every person with whom I meet who is seeking a more wellness-centric lifestyle TRULY wants to feel better and look better.

Yet, something happens between the DESIRE to achieve it and the ACTUAL achieving of it.

What is it?

At the core of 100 percent health and wellness pursuits is the deep sense of confidence in the journey AND the outcome. When we approach a new wellness pursuit with the belief, we will learn more about OURSELVES and then achieve it, the brain takes on the challenge as if it is already happening.

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When I meet a new concierge client who is tired of trying so hard and just wants to fit in her clothes. After tons of questions, we find she has tried the two things society wants her to believe (and buy!): paid-for diets and over-exercising. They haven’t worked. I always ask: what happened? Often, she loses motivation because he doesn’t’ see huge changes on the scale in record time, or she has told herself she will never achieve her (possibly unreasonable) goal.

When I talk with a prospective corporate client, they are interested in helping teams gain wellness. Of course, by the time we explore the best program, it is clear they CARE for the health and wellness of their team. So, what is it that surprises them most: where I recommend we start. I start them on Stress Resilience. Stress resilience leads to confidence in wellness pursuits.

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CDC says 80 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep, eat for optimal health or get enough exercise.

Is this you? Are you are telling yourself you WILL NEVER achieve what you want? The human brain operates much like a personal computer. Once information is imprinted on the disk, the only way to change the information is to erase it or replace it. Otherwise, the computer will keep repeating what you “pre-programmed” into it. “I’ll never be fit.” Or “Why can’t I figure out how to make exercise a priority?” pervades many self-talk dialogues.

Do you say “I’ll never (fill in the blank)”?

·      “I’ll never be able to run a mile.”

·      “I’ll never lose weight and have a fit body.”

·      “I’ll never have time to get 7 hours of sleep each night.”

·      “I’ll never lose weight by learning to manage my stress and my calendar.”

In 2016, I wrote an extensive piece about the language we use when we talk to ourselves – called self – or inner – talk.  Even as recently as 2016 did I even begin to stop the madness of “I’ll never…” and have gained such freedom in my choices and confidence in my wellness. Learn more here!

When we associate our pursuits with negativity, the brain captures it, believes it and actually plays the game right along with you. Each choice: bedtime, stressing over minor things, food voices, exercise is met with the negative outcome you have already chosen for yourself.

By replacing “I’ll never (fill in the blank)” with “I will (fill in the blank)”, we can significantly improve our chances of achieving our goals.

·      “I will remain consistent in my exercise routine and I will one day jog a mile. Even if I simply walk some days I know I will reach my goal.”

·      “I will make small, positive, and sustainable habit changes which will help me reach my fitness and wellness goals.”

·      “I will prioritize sleep, take control of – and responsibility for – my calendar, and establish a consistent exercise routine. All of this WILL give me more confidence to lead my best life.”

Our language can have a lasting impact on our current and future behavior. If you are interested in exploring ways I can help you or your team, contact me at or check out our programs here.

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