One Of The Biggest Lies Women Have Been Told

Build a strong mindset, the body will follow

Mindset refers to how we think and the beliefs we hold about something. The things we tell ourselves about exercise can be a huge factor in our habits around movement.

Many women have been consistently told that slim is better than strong. Has this lie impacted your life at all?

As we age, being strong and properly fueled is more important than ever. We need strength for all that life has to offer and for the growing demands on us. And, did you know that strength training burns calories too? Double win!

Being strong also means reframing our mindset around food and calorie restriction. Taking a hard look at our relationship with food now is crucial. I mean…it’s time, right?

The love/hate relationship we may be fostering will no longer serve us. When we were younger, we could cut calories and see an aesthetic change within days. Now, we need to consider food as a source of fuel that will help us journey through menopause and the amazing life we have chosen. We also need food to fully embrace a quality movement routine. The old ways of caloric restriction coupled with intense workouts will only make us more prone to injury and illness. There is no number on the scale or smaller size of clothing worth hurting our bodies and mental health.

When strength is a top priority, we will slowly build a “fueling” relationship with our body to give it what it needs to get as strong as possible. I call it Bulletproof!

This includes:

  • fueling our body with 7 to 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.
  • stress resilience, or responding not reacting, focusing on what’s most important, and harnessing that strength to achieve our goals and fulfill our purpose in life.
  • food and water that will fuel our brain and body.
  • movement, including strength training, walking, mobility, and fun!
  • making all these things a nonnegotiable entry on our calendar.

Find a peaceful place in your heart for a movement routine that fuels your amazing life. While you create a movement plan, consider adjusting your food thoughts and habits as well. Food is essential and not the enemy! You don’t have to spend an hour punishing yourself at the gym to fit into a pair of jeans or feel confident in the mirror. Change your mindset and dedicate yourself to wellness, instead of making shrinking your top priority. Our midlife should be defined by abundance…including the way we think about exercise.

Adrien Cotton of Alexandria Wellness doing a handstand against a brick wall.

Movement is everything because our bodies are everything. They are the vessel through which we can live our incredible lives, celebrate family and friends, give back to the world what we have, and so much more. We are more than the number on the scale and our measurements. If you would like to kickstart a movement routine that makes you feel great in your body, reach out to us to learn more about my small group concierge program.

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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