Strategies for Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Daily Life: Mindfulness Part 4

So, a “purposeful pause” is going to help me lose that 10 pounds? Yep!

Becoming a proactive person, not a reactive person, too, will help me lose that 10? Yep.

Even better, forget about the “10,” how about how much better you will feel, more confident in your days, and you can take your day by the horns!

For the past few weeks, we’ve talked about mindfulness, what it is, what it is not, and the many research-based benefits of being mindful. Now it’s time to showcase my top strategies for incorporating mindfulness into your daily life that I teach concierge and corporate clients.

1. Take Purposeful Pauses:

  • Step back and “catch the moment.” A brief moment of pause allows you to interrupt the autopilot mode we all allow to become a habit and become aware of the present moment. It helps us gain perspective about the “heart racing” we sadly experience every day.
  •  Notice how you feel and what you see, hear, and smell. Take a few deep, conscious breaths, and connect with your surroundings. You’ll immediately feel less stressed.

2. Deliberate Breathing:

  • Commit to one mindful breath each day. That equals 365/year!
  •  Start the day at your desk with deliberate breathing until you feel a sense of calm. Relax into your seat and just think of breathing.
  •  Just three – six intentional deep breaths can cause a shift in mood and tension.

3. Address Your Negative Self-talk:

  •  When your inner voice becomes riddled with, “I’m not,” “I can’t,” or “I’ll never,” catch yourself, pause, and connect with more positive self-empowering thoughts and language.
  •  Experts teach us to talk to ourselves by our first name when we fall into this bad habit. It will more easily halt the negativity in your brain.


4. Learn How to Meditate:

  •  Like going to the gym, meditation exercises the muscles that enable us to separate from the busy monkey mind.
  • There are a bunch of ways to meditate. My job as a wellness expert is simply this: do it. Tons of research teaches us it is medicine for the body, the brain, and your life.

    My day really begins the night before, with a good night’s sleep – which, for me, means 7 to 8 hours. And a big part of my morning ritual is about what I don’t do: when I wake up, I don’t start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once I’m awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful and set my intention for the day. Then I do 20 to 30 minutes of meditation and 30 minutes on my stationary bike, on days when I’m home. I also practice yoga most mornings. –Ariana Huffington



5. Visualization:

  •  Focus on something beautiful, a moment in your life that brings you joy or imagine the circumstance you are in – possibly worried about – is totally your choice and in your favor. See everything about the situation and “feel” what you visualize. This is actually calming the brain.
  •  Stop visualizing failure. Visualizing “I’ll never” and “I can’t” makes it more likely a reality.
  •  Visit my friend, Dr. Chrisine Kiesinger’s, guided mindfulness offerings at

Mindfulness played a huge role in my own journey from stressed-out-to-the-max Hill staffer, corporate executive, personal trainer to the wellness-centric personality I have now. You too can achieve happiness, contentedness, and feel as purposeful as possible and it can start today. Check out my concierge and corporate wellness programs here.

Just one minute, or even one breath can make a huge difference in your wellness!

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