Summer Ready Workouts

It’s  June. You’re thinking you are not summer ready for the pool, cocktail parties or simply summer fashion. Fitness on the Run is here to help with free summer ready workouts. All you need is a jump rope, a furniture glider and you!

Below is a warm up and challenge performed by Denise and two workout videos. We chose these movements for the summer ready workouts because they are great for healthy movement (hip openers and scapular retraction) and may be modified for the beginner to the more advanced student. Sitting all day leads to tight hips. We need to open them up for proper posture and movement and to make your workouts most effective.

The summer ready warm up is not easy but it is so good for you. And, you will feel like you have really helped your beautiful body do something new, great and fun. It’s actually a movement I am personally trying to perfect. I awaken every morning and work on it for 5 minutes. Whew! You will be sweating and working on your mobility BIG TIME with this movement. Take it slowly and take breaks where necessary.

The videos feature the most modified movement in the front and the more advanced version in the back. When we are on the gliders, the more advanced movement is on the left. (Jump rope can be competed without a rope and without jumping!)

We designed the workouts with interval-training in mind. Complete 15 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest and repeat. You can jump rope, squat, push up and forward roll for 15 seconds (remember your body doesn’t know repetitions; it knows time) and move straight to your next movement and complete it in 15 seconds. Or you can give yourself a stated period of rest between each movement. My suggestion: 15 seconds. Complete 5 rounds or set your timer and complete as many as you can in that period of time.

(Forward rolls are likely new to you. Make sure you are reaching forward each time you attempt to stand and perform the modified version I do before you take on the more advanced version. Also, press your back into the floor throughout the range of motion. This is one of those rare movements you should round your back.)

Jump rope 15 seconds

Squat or pistol 15 seconds

Push up or scapular push up 15 seconds


In this video, we alternate jump rope (Denise shows us a variety of styles) with a small number of simple yet “big bang for your buck” movements. Again, we demonstrate a 15 second interval leading immediately into another 15 second interval.

However, a beginner can take a 15 second to 1.5 minute break between movements. The key is quality of the movement. If you are more advanced or have only 5 minutes, increase your intervals to 20, 25 or 30 seconds and play with your rest period.

In our video we programmed the following:

Jump rope 15 seconds

Glider leg curls 15 seconds

Jump rope 15 seconds

Up/Down or Hard Style plank 15 seconds

Jump rope 15 seconds

Partner (or not!) Plank with a “High Five”

Repeat 5 times or set your timer for a stated period of time and work until the time is up!

You know where to reach us if you run into trouble or have any questions. We are here at

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Get Exclusive Health And Wellness Tips and Strategies I Only Share With My Email Subscribers.

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