The Three Words To Eliminate To Master Your Fitness And Nutrition

Napkin with 'words have power' written on it

Who out there doesn’t want to feel super confident in their body? Who doesn’t want to slip into their jeans or any new and amazing fashion Elizabeth so skillfully brings to us? Who is not struggling to get this?

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It really doesn’t have to be a struggle. I promise. I’ve seen hundreds of women struggle, yet have also seen many women CRUSH it. How in the world do they do it?

It’s not from tons of cardio and cutting calories; I can promise you that!  😂

That worked when we were in our 20s and 30s, yet it will not work as you enter your 40s. Our bodies are different, our hormones are different, and how we approach our wellness must be different.

It is much deeper. It is more rewarding. And it, for sure, leads to less – not more – stress!

The women I’ve worked with who have succeeded at the Wellness Game post 40 have a flexible and growth mindset, and they continually work to find small wellness “wins” in their day. They have flexible thinking about how a 45+ body can achieve this feeling. They are hyper-aware that their word choices make a difference not only to their wellness but to their entire being.

Napkin with 'words have power' written on it

First, let’s look at the words we use. I’ve written a few articles about language in the past, so let me remind you of the gist of them. We inherit our language largely from our childhood. The words spoken at home “stick” to the toddler brain like glue. Here is a blog I wrote on language and negative self-talk.

For purposes of today, trust me, our word choice significantly influences our behavior and actions. Furthermore, our language impacts our mindset.

If I repeatedly say, “I can’t get eight hours of sleep. I have too much to do,” how successful am I going to be at getting eight hours of sleep? What about “I can’t prepare five meals. I have so many demands on my schedule.” How likely am I to get to preparing five meals?

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Second, our members who successfully get to 80 percent of our Foundational Eight Practices will share that they are able to achieve these practices because they have made the time for them. The practices are on their calendars. They are non-negotiable. They are habits.

So how can you get there? Begin with an awareness of your language, not only the words you say or write to others, yet those you say to yourself.

If there were three words that differentiate the women with whom I work who CRUSH this 45+ period of our lives, who feel good in their bodies (and jeans!), it is these three:




I get it. We are all slammed with schedules that seem never-ending. If I suggested that you eliminate half of your to-do list today, you might laugh. You may even say, “I can’t!”

Colorful sticky notes with a busy schedule on each

I know because I hear this daily – even from myself! I can easily want to “one up” the other person with my busyness. I can tell myself I can’t get in my walk because of 25 reasons. I can forget about the mindfulness and meditation for the week because I too, am busy. Yet I continually remind myself, and I hope you can, too, that we are all a result of our choices. Our calendars are self-imposed. We can say “no” more often. We can eliminate excess from our days. We can win this wellness game!

Are you 45 years or older and suffering from perimenopause or menopause? Are you struggling with weight gain and long for renewed confidence in your body? I want to help you get control of your life and body! Download my FREE Menopause Blueprint and start on your path from surviving to thriving today!

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