Three Ways To Crush Your New Year’s Goals

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With the New Year comes the wave of resolutions, goals, and aspirations for our ideal health and wellness. However, many of these goals can feel like a burden, or just too hard to maintain by late January. Many can even be stuck with the mindset that willpower and discipline will get them through the year.

For the 95 percent of us who ditch the resolutions before we see results, don’t be discouraged. Most NYR’s don’t work, and there’s a reason! These resolutions and goals don’t take into account life changes, unexpected barriers, and, oh yes, that your focus and what you value may change. Oftentimes, NYR’s can be developed with unachievable or unsustainable strategies, and potentially without the consideration for taking the long view. We are unabashed fans of creating small, almost too-easy habit changes that last.

Instead of making resolutions, we all can use this time to reframe our mindset. We can move toward a path of dedication and determination to live our lives mindful of the value of our health and wellness over any other goal. Most importantly, at Alexandria Wellness, we celebrate success and we don’t harbor tons of time on what “didn’t work.” We encourage an approach to our wellness goals from a positive place of abundance. Instead of choosing goals that center on what we can “cut” or “lose,” we find ways to prioritize what we value above all else.

Let’s focus on wellness from an abundance mindset, not one fraught with deprivation!

When making promises to ourselves about our wellness, the likelihood of success will be determined by the resolution’s achievability, its size, its specificity, and how important it is to you. Also, coming from a place of positivity matters. Instead of making a negative resolution like “lose 10 pounds,” change your mindset and approach something positive and immediately achievable – like going on a daily walk, completing five push ups, or adding two fruits and veggies to every meal. Dedicating ourselves to a small habit change will yield far greater results than just weight loss. We can even gain confidence, determination, and an addition to our self-care routine.

If you’re feeling like 2023 is going to be the year you finally choose and prioritize you, I have three goal-crushing strategies to share that will make your dreams achievable!

1. Be realistic.

Small habits can yield big results! As I said above, setting a goal of losing 10 pounds relies on many external factors, is almost amorphous, and is not a clear goal. What are the little, achievable steps you are certain to take to get there?

Losing 10 pounds is a result of smaller habits and goals, like dedicating yourself to a daily walk or going to bed 15 minutes earlier Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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2. Change your mindset and your self-talk.

It’s important to remember that you’re not setting new goals because you’re lacking or deficient in some way. You’re setting new goals because you’re worthy of the best wellness and feeling great in your body! Again – we need to foster a mindset of abundance, not deprivation. Nothing is more joy-depriving than negative self-talk. Because you deserve to feel amazing in your body, you can find joy in dedicating yourself to your goals, instead of feeling imprisoned by them.

3. Be consistent.

Routines help to add stability in our days, something we can rely on, and something that we plan ahead for. If we don’t factor our new goals (and the required steps to meet them) into our days, we, of course, will falter or quit. The old adage, “consistency is key,” is true. While our wellness doesn’t have to be perfect, remaining consistent in our (small) steps will be a key reason we achieve, and sustain, our goals. If you’re going to dedicate yourself to a daily walk, book it in your routine like a work or PTA meeting. If you’re going to implement mindfulness or a stress resilience practice, factor deliberate breathing into your morning routine (every morning) like you would a cup of coffee.

Be consistent written on a chalkboard next to a weight and an apple

Our goals, and our ideal wellness, is not far outside of our reach. When we are realistic, foster a positive mindset, and remain consistent, we can reclaim our lives and achieve our goals, both big and small.

In addition to my three strategies above, one way to feel better in the new year is to manage your stress and build a strong stress resilience practice. If you’re ready to learn how stress may be holding you back and impacting your menopause experience, I invite you to my MASTER Menopause NOW! Mastering Stress Webinar. On January 20, from 12-1pm EST, join me as I conduct a powerful learning experience that will help you feel better in your body – even during perimenopause or menopause. Together, we can master your stress!

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