Want Strong Glutes? Master This One Skill

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Mastering this one skill in your training can arguably improve your fitness more than anything else. Surprisingly, most of us do this all day long without even thinking about it. Athletes use it to achieve Gold Medals and World Series trophies.

I’m talking about the hip hinge. The hip hinge is a functional movement or a movement we use in daily life. It is so important that it is one of the very first things we teach new clients at Alexandria Wellness.

Have you ever picked up something heavy and immediately felt that “tweak” in your back? We’ve all been there, and it is not fun. While it may simply be that the item was too heavy, it is more likely due to an improper (or nonexistent) hip hinge. Many of us round our back, keep our head and chest down, or let our knees sink forward, putting an overwhelming amount of stress on our back and other muscles not designed to lift the heavy load.

The hinge allows us to safely pick up and put down heavy objects or weights. When we hinge, we are utilizing some of the larger muscle groups (glutes and hamstrings) to help us carry loads, including our own body weight. So yes, if you want strong glutes, this should be your number one “go-to” movement.

Julie B Deadlifting


In the gym, we hinge when we deadlift, kettlebell swing, lunge, or vertical jump. We hinge in “everyday life” when we sit in a chair, pick something up from the floor, or put something down on the bottom shelf. If you have young children, you are likely hinging all day long to pick them up and put them back down.

When we hinge properly, we push our hips back, keeping our back straight, chest forward, and knees directly over our ankles. Sadly, many of us are unaware of our form when we hinge, making daily tasks a constant risk for injury.

Perfecting the hip hinge is not easy, yet anyone of any skill or ability level can practice this daily, with or without weight. In fact, beginners should ONLY use their body weight when learning the proper way to hinge. Once the proper form has been achieved, adding weight can provide an additional challenge.

Julie B Deadlifting 2

Another bonus to learning how to hinge correctly is that it gives us the ability to safely and effectively perform more challenging movements, such as the kettlebell swing and vertical jump. These movements not only increase your strength and power, but they are also great for increasing the intensity of your strength workouts and getting your “cardio” in at the same time.

So, whether you want to get stronger, intensify your workouts, or simply move properly and reduce your risk of injury throughout your day, start by practicing the hip hinge.

We want to help you (and your team!) take charge of your health and wellness. Here are two ways you can get started today. If you are interested in any of our newest programs, like our latest special for our small group fitness program, email us at alicia@alexandriawellness.com.

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