20 Reasons Why You Should Include Handstands in your Day


I know. They may seem over-the-top scary. I mean, why would you need to be upside down?! They may feel like one of those things you will “never do.” Yet, I bet you haven’t heard of the many benefits of handstands, including those on our emotional well-being. I, too, used to fear them like crazy. I, too, told myself I’d be ok without them. I was already super fit and healthy. What would adding them into my repertoire do? Yet, I too want to be able to move in every way possible and seek practices that will keep this brain of mine healthy. I want to live to 100 and see my children reach their dreams. This won’t happen if I constantly stay in the “lane lines.” I, too, want to seek new physical and emotional challenges so I can develop a life of total and complete resilience. Don’t you?


Below are 20 benefits of handstands, some you possibly have never considered!

** Disclaimer: there is a progression to achieving a proper handstand. Just like there are more challenging exercises like pull ups, you don’t start practicing handstands by flipping up to a handstand on day 1. You wouldn’t complete a perfect pull up on Day one either. The same rule applies. To complete a proper handstand takes time, preparing your body for them, and focus on reaching small milestones so you can eventually crush them.


Physical Benefits

  1. Increase upper body strength
  2. Increase core strength
  3. Improve balance
  4. Improve blood circulation
  5. Ease pressure on the lower back
  6. Focus on deep breathing
  7. Improves digestion
  8. Increases spine health
  9. Regulate and boost metabolism
  10. Improves bowel movements
  11. Checks you for breathlessness
  12. Improves skin
  13. Decreases fluid build-up in legs, ankles, and feet

Emotional Benefits

  1. Reduces stress + calms the brain
  2. Improves memory and concentration
  3. Increases concentration and focus
  4. Relaxes the nervous system.
  5. Strengthens immunity
  6. You will feel so strong
  7. They are so fun

 To get started, check out these videos!

Handstands – The Benefits from Adrien Cotton on Vimeo.

The flip up style handstand from Adrien Cotton on Vimeo.

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